The Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy occupies two floors of the Jaharis Family Center for Biomedical and Nutrition Sciences located at 150 Harrison Avenue in downtown Boston. We also have a building on the university's Medford/Somerville campus -114 Curtis Street, Somerville, Massachusetts, home of the Feinstein International Center.

Our home campuses of Boston and Medford/Somerville offer different opportunities for students. Boston is one of America's most cultural, stimulating, and livable cities. The American Revolution began in this area and the presence of over 60 distinguished universities and colleges maintain the tradition of openness to new ideas and differing lifestyles. Medford and Somerville provide a backdrop of tranquility, friendliness, and residential student life of a small-town college with Tufts' 150-acre campus sitting atop lush Walnut Hill overlooking the cities.

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Finding a place to stay is usually the first task and due to the large amount of college students in the area it can sometimes be a challenge. There is limited On-Campus housing available, but most students live Off-Campus, in different areas of town. Check out our Housing resources to research apartments, neighborhoods and suburbs where students live and commute to Friedman.

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Most people use the easy-to-use public transportation system, MBTA, or simply the "T" as its represented on maps, to get around Boston and its surrounding suburbs. Students are eligible for discounted MBTA passes. Parking is disencouraged, but limited parking is available.

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