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All Around the Town

What about all the other stuff? Being a Tufts University graduate student in Boston means more than just hitting the books and lectures. Here are resources, links and guides for getting around, meeting fellow students, and where to turn when you need a computer fixed, a late night latte or an internship.

Health Sciences Campus
Find out about dining, libraries, fitness and other resources dedicated to the Boston Health Sciences Campus
Health Services
Health Insurance, Immunization Requirements and Counseling
Student Council
Meet your student representatives and find out how they can help you
Student Organizations
List and direct to full list on orgs page
Living in Boston
Parking, MBTA, Housing, Boston Touristy stuff, Mayor's office, Sommervile/Other residential areas

Campus Safety

View the Annual Public Safety Report on Tufts University.

Friedman Bulletin Board

Need an iClicker? Want to discuss final exams? Looking to sell that textbook you no longer need? Searing for a roommate? Care to share an interesting research project? Look no further than the Friedman Bulletin Board. What was once an e-list, is now a forum for you to interact with others in the Friedman Community. Friedman Bulletin Board