Future of Food & Nutrition

A multidisciplinary graduate research conference held annually in the spring semester, exposes students to the process of abstracts submission and presentation. Over 100 students from 35 graduate schools attended last year, presenting on topics from policy to biochemistry, public health and agriculture.

A group of Friedman students gain valuable experience hosting the conference, putting together the expent panel of speakers, wrangling with logistics and registrations and working with Tufts University staff and faculty to pull off this great event each year.

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Nutrition Talk: Friedman Nutrition Internet Radio Project

The Friedman Nutrition Internet Radio Program is a one-hour broadcast that presents food news and science to use. The goal of the program is to passionately advance the well being of people worldwide by communicating key nutrition topics through the use of internet-radio technology. The program is developed and run by Friedman students.

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