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Feinstein International Center
The Feinstein International Center strives to improve the lives and livelihoods of communities caught up in complex emergencies, war, and other crises.              

Established in 1996 as part of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, the Center carries out field-based research in complex emergency environments.

Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging
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Working Papers in Food Policy and Applied Nutrition

This working paper series publishes the work of faculty and students in the Food Policy & Applied Nutrition program. The content may have already been presented at conferences or workshops but will not yet have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

These papers should not be disseminated or appropriated by others without prior permission; if quoted they should be cited appropriately.

44. Using the Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) from Tufts University to Illustrate Input-Output Relationships in the Food Marketing Chain    

Visualizing Input-Output Data Using VUE from Tufts University - Online on Vimeo. (View larger on Vimeo or by clicking on the full-screen icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the video)

Link to supplementary data files

By Parke Wilde, Rebecca Nemec, Graham Jeffries, Mike Korcynski, Jonelle Lonergan (Posted May 14, 2013)

43. Consumer Information, Marks of Origin and WTO Law: A Case Study of the United States – Certain Country of Origin Labeling Requirements Dispute              

by Wendy A. Johnecheck (Posted March 29, 2010)

42. The Thrifty Food Plan Calculator              

by Parke Wilde, Joseph Llobrera, and Flannery Campbell (Posted August 1, 2008)

41. Rethinking Food Security in Humanitarian Response              

by Daniel Maxwell, Patrick Webb, Jennifer Coates, James Wirth. Paper Presented to the Food Security Forum; April 16-18, Rome. (Posted July 1, 2008)

40. Diet Diversity Study              

by Jennifer Coates, Beatrice Lorge Rogers, Patrick Webb, Daniel Maxwell, Robert Houser and Christine McDonald (Posted July 1, 2008)

39. The Evaluation of the Ethiopia Food Security and Woreda Integrated Basic Services Project.              

by Jennifer C. Coates, James P.Wirth, Fayera Abdissa, Berhanu Wendeferew, and Mulugeta Girma. Report submitted to UNICEF/Ethiopia, August, 2007. (Posted July 1, 2008)

38. More Food, But Not Yet Enough: 20th Century Successes in Agriculture Growth and 21st Century Challenges              

by Patrick Webb (Posted May 13, 2008)

37. Mapping Hunger in Ecuador: A Report on Mapping Malnutrition Prevalence              

by Beatrice Lorge Rogers, James Wirth, Kathy Macías, Parke Wilde (July 19, 2007)

36. Atlas of Hunger and Malnutrition in the Dominican Republic               

by Beatrice Lorge Rogers, Kathy E. Macías, Parke Wilde (April 2007 rev 2)

35. Mapping Hunger in Panama: A Report on Mapping Malnutrition Prevalence              

by Beatrice Lorge Rogers, James Wirth, Kathy Macías, Parke Wilde (March 2007)

34. Mapping Hunger: A Report on Mapping Malnutrition Prevalence in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Panama              

by Beatrice Lorge Rogers, James Wirth, Kathy Macías, Parke Wilde (March 22, 2007)

33. Generating Further Reductions of Child Malnutrition in India's BIMARU States: What are the Options Now?              

by F. James Levinson, Jessica Barney, Lucy Bassett, and Werner Schultink (Posted 10/21/05)

32. Micronutrients in Emergencies              

by Patrick Webb and Andrew Thorne-Lyman (Posted 10/20/05)

31. How Are We Doing on Poverty and Hunger Reduction? A New Measure of Country-Level Progress              

by Ugo Gentilini and Patrick Webb (Posted 10/20/05)

30. A Rapid Assessment of Nutrition in Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar, Indonesia, Three Weeks After the Tsunami.              

by Ali H. Mokdad, David Hipgrave, Claudia Hudspeth, Herman Sudiman, Sunarno R. Widjojo, Zulfi Chairul, Efi Syafrida, Anna Winoto, and Patrick Webb (Posted 10/20/05)

29. Water and Food Insecurity in Developing Countries: Major Challenges for the 21st Century              

by Patrick Webb (Posted 10/20/05)

28. Recent Experience in the Monitoring and Evaluation of Nutrition-Related Projects in Developing Countries: Nine Lessons Learned              

by F. James Levinson and Isabel Madzorera (Posted 10/20/05)

27. Federal Communication about Obesity in the Dietary Guidelines and Checkoff Programs              

by Parke Wilde (Posted 05/12/05)

26. Nutrition and Health Status of Children in Internally Displaced Households in the Kosti Region of Sudan              

by Brian J. Bence, Jounghee Lee, Robert F. Houser and F. James Levinson (Posted 10/22/04)

25. Program Graduation and Exit Strategies: Title II Program Experiences and Related Research              

by Beatrice Lorge Rogers and Kathy E. Macías (Posted 05/03/04)

24. Morinda Revisited: Changes in Nutritional Well-being and Gender Differences After 30 Years of Rapid Economic Growth in Rural Punjab India              

by F. James Levinson, Sucheta Mehra, Dorothy Levinson, Anita Kumari Chauhan, Guy Koppe, Brian Bence, Astier M. Almedom (Posted 09/02/03)

23. Indonesian Micronutrient Reference Report: A Report to the Micronutrient Initiative and the World Bank              

by Soekirman, Atmarita, Jennifer Lynn Olsen, Sanjaya, Nada Elhussseiny, F. James Levinson (Posted 04/08/03)

22. Does Timely Introduction of Complementary Foods Lead to Improved Nutritional Status? Analysis of Data from Maharashtra, India              

by Nidu Philips, Deepti Chirmulay, Patrice Engle, Robert F. Houser, I.P. Bhagwat, F. James Levinson (Posted 03/07/03)

21. Nutrition Knowledge and Parental Schooling as Inputs to Child Nutrition in the Long and Short Run              

by Patrick Webb and Steven Block (Posted 03/07/03)

20. Nutrition Knowledge, Household Coping, and the Demand for Micronutrient-Rich Foods              

by Steven Block (Posted 03/07/03)

19. Seeking Optimal Means to Address Micronutrient Deficiencies in Food Supplements: A Case Study from the Bangladesh Integrated Nutrition Project              

by Rezaul Karim, Gwénola Desplats, Thomas Schaetzel, Faruk Ahmed, Quazi Salamatullah, Mohammad Shahjahan, Mohammed Akhteruzzaman and F. James Levinson (Posted 02/20/03)

18. Nutrition-Related Caring Practices and Women's Time Constraints: A Study in Rural Bangladesh              

by Mira Levinson, Orit Halpern, Zeba Mahmud, Sadia A. Chowdhury and F. James Levinson (Posted 12/13/02)

17. Will We Ever Get Back? The Derailing of Tanzanian Nutrition in the 1990s              

by Carmel Dolan and F. James Levinson (Posted November 18, 2002)

16. Strategic Directions for Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping in the 21st Century: Examples from Bangladesh              

by Bruce Currey (Posted October 8, 2002)

15. Cultivated Capital: Agriculture, Food Systems and Sustainable Development              

by Patrick Webb (Posted September 23, 2002)

14. Emergency Relief during Europe's Famine of 1817: Anticipated Responses to Today's Humanitarian Disasters              

by Patrick Webb (Posted September 20, 2002)

13. Allocative Responses to Scarcity: Self-Reported Assessments of Hunger Compared with Conventional Measures of Poverty and Malnutrition in Bangladesh              

by Patrick Webb, Jennifer Coates, and Robert Houser (Posted September 20, 2002)

12. Food-Based Safety Nets and Related Programs              

by Beatrice Lorge Rogers and Jennifer Coates (Posted August 26, 2002)

11. Determinants of Food Consumption During Pregnancy in Rural Bangladesh: Examination of Evaluative Data from the Bangladesh Integrated Nutrition Project              

by Rezaul Karim, Deepa Bhat, Lisa Troy, Sascha Lamstein, and F. James Levinson (Posted August 21, 2002)

10 Nutrition Knowledge Versus Schooling in the Demand for Child Micronutrient Status              

by Steven Block (Posted August 9, 2002)

9. The Dynamics of Food, Nutrition and Poverty in SE Asia              

by Patrick Webb (Posted August 5, 2002)

8. Is it Possible to Avoid a Lemon? Reflections on Choosing a Poverty Mapping Method              

by Benjamin Davis (Posted August 5, 2002)

7. Comparing Household Survey-Based Measures of Food Insecurity Across Countries: Case Studies in India, Uganda, and Bangladesh              

by Mark Nord, Anoop Kumar Satpathy, Nikhil Raj, Patrick Webb, and Robert Houser (Posted August 2, 2002)

6. Are the Determinants of Malnutrition the Same as for Food Insecurity? Recent Findings from 6 Developing Countries on the Interaction Between Food and Nutrition Security              

by Patrick Webb and Karin Lapping (Posted August 2, 2002)

  Did Indonesia's Crises of 1997/98 Affect Child Nutrition? A Cohort Decomposition Analysis of National Nutrition Surveillance Data              

by Steven A. Block, Lynnda Keiss, Patrick Webb, S. Kosen, Regina Moench-Pfanner, Martin W. Bloem, and C. Peter Timmer (Posted July 10, 2002)

4. Intrahousehold Dimensions of Micronutrient Deficiencies: A Review of the Evidence              

by Patrick Webb (Posted July 10, 2002)

3. Does Microcredit Meet the Needs of all Poor Women? Constraints to Participation Among Destitute Women in Bangladesh              

by Patrick Webb, Jennifer Coates, and Robert Houser (Posted July 10, 2002)

2. Reducing Chronic Malnutrition in Peru: A Proposed National Strategy              

by Beatrice L. Rogers, Serena Rajabiun, James Levinson, and Katherine Tucker (Posted July 10, 2002)

1. Challenges to the Monitoring and Evaluation of Large Nutrition Programs in Developing Countries: Examples from Bangladesh              

by Rezaul Karim, Jennifer Coates, Gwenola Desplats, Iqbal Kabir, Yeakub Patwari, Stephanie Ortolano, Thomas Schaetzel, Lisa Troy, Beatrice L. Rogers, Robert F Houser, and F. James Levinson (Posted July 10, 2002)