Research at the Friedman School is conducted in a range of areas that involve faculty from all disciplines within the school and frequently includes interdisciplinary collaboration with other graduate and professional program at Tufts, including Medical, Veterinary, Psychology, Engineering and International Affairs.

In addition to research that is centered in the School, there are three key affiliates conducting research:

National and International Rankings


As cited by University Science Indicators via Thomson Scientific, Tufts University is ranked 3rd in average citations per paper in Food Science/Nutrition (2002-06)1 and 3rd in Public Health & Health-Care Science (1999-2003)2 among the top 100 federally funded U.S. universities.


In a 2010 exhaustive study of research doctorate programs by the National Research Council (NRC), Tufts University's Friedman School was ranked at or near the top of all nutrition doctoral programs.

Using data collected in 2006 from over 4,000 U.S. research doctoral programs, the 2010 NRC study evaluated over 5000 programs covering 62 subject areas at 212 participating universities.  Scales to measure the quality of doctoral programs placed the Friedman School in first place among 42 participating universities with nutrition programs.

The National Academies results with exhaustive data along with explanation of the methodologies are available at their web site: