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Graduates of Tufts can register for the Tufts Online Community and search the alumni database by name. 

Also, look for the Friedman School Alumni Association on Facebook.

For more information, contact us or visit our website: 

Apply (2)

Please use the school code 3913 when requesting your scores.

Interviews are not required, but are recommended.

After reviewing an applicant's file, the admissions committee will decide if a personal interview or telephone interview is warranted. If so, the applicant will be contacted to arrange a meeting time or to schedule a conference call.

If you graduated after 2006 and have a UTLN, you may login to: Once logged in, go to Requests and then select Official Transcript.

If you graduated before 2006, please complete the Transcript Request Form and return to the address listed on the form

Massachusetts state law and University policy require that all students be covered by health insurance for the entire academic year.   A student injury and sickness insurance plan that meets the State of Massachusetts and Tufts University requirements is offered. The student health insurance plan, underwritten by HPHC Insurance Company, an affiliate of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and administered by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources, (UHCSR), includes primary and emergency care, major medical coverage, a prescription plan, eye care, mental health benefits, and many other services.  Students should be aware that there is no health service clinic available to Tufts University Health Sciences students.

The plan is available to all matriculated students and their eligible dependents.  Eligible dependents include spouse, domestic partner, and children.  Matriculated students who enroll in the health plan will be charged for the individual plan in the fall and spring semesters (9/1 – 8/31).  An additional cost for two-person or family coverage will be charged to students’ accounts, if applicable.

Students are not eligible to apply for coverage or add a spouse, domestic partner or dependent(s) at any other time during the academic year except during Open Enrollment, which is September 1-30 of each academic year, unless there is a qualifying event. Qualifying events include a change in marital status, birth or adoption of a child, or loss of an alternate insurance through no fault of the student or dependent.  In instances of a qualifying event, a Qualifying Event Member Enrollment Form must be submitted to the Student Advisory & Health Administration Office within 30 days of the qualifying event.  The cost is prorated, based on the effective date of enrollment.

To apply for coverage, students must complete an online Enrollment form at  Find your school and log in. Select the Enrollment option at the bottom of the screen and complete the Enrollment form.  Completion of this Enrollment form will expedite the delivery of the insurance ID card.  The effective date of coverage for new students is the first day of Orientation, not the date of application.  Current students’ coverage begins on September 1.

Waiver of School-offered Insurance

Students who already have acceptable insurance are not required to enroll in the HPHC-UHCSR insurance plan and may waive this insurance plan by completing an Insurance Waiver form at

The Insurance Waiver certifies participation in a health insurance plan which meets or exceeds the coverage required by Massachusetts General Law. The minimum requirements of a student insurance plan are listed online at: The Insurance Waiver must be completed by August 31 of each year.  Failure to comply with this policy may lead to cancellation of registration.  Students who do not take action to either waive or enroll by September 30, or whose waivers have been denied, will automatically be enrolled in the HPHC-UHCSR insurance plan.

The Student Advisory & Health Administration Office

For more information about student health insurance, contact the Student Advisory & Health Administration Office.  Telephone:  617-636-2701 or 2712; Fax: 617-636-2708.

The Student Advisory & Health Administration Office is located on the fourth floor of Posner Hall at 200 Harrison Avenue on the Boston Campus.  Office hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The Hirsch Sciences Library IT Service desk offers the following services:

  • Basic hardware troubleshooting
  • Hardware upgrades such as memory and new hard drive installations
  • Get online with your laptop or mobile device
  • Software installation and assistance
  • Consultation is provided for software and hardware purchases
  • Reloading your operating system
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Email password resets

Visit: for more information.

Email (2)

You can call the Learning Resource Center (LRC) at (617) 636-2947 or visit them in the Health Sciences Library (Sackler, floor 5). Please be sure to include the following information when you contact them:

  • Your name & UTLN
  • The problem you are experiencing
  • How to contact you with a response

Feel free to utilize another service as your primary email provider provided you forward your Tufts email to that account. If you use another email service, we mandate that you forward your Tufts email for several reasons:

  • When we need to contact you, we will use your Tufts email address.
  • All of the school's list-serves will send email to your Tufts email address.
  • People using the Tufts Online Directory, SIS to send you an email may not know about your alternate address. If you don't forward your email, you'll never receive the message.
  • If we're experiencing a problem with your account, whoever emails you will receive a bounce-back message saying the message could not be delivered. The sender (perhaps a instructor or your advisor) can then notify you of the problem, and we can fix it.

For Visitors

Parking in Boston can be tricky. There is no legal parking in one spot for longer than two hours anywhere in Boston and Boston Transportation Department Officers frequently check. We suggest visitors park in the Tufts Medical Center garage at 274 Tremont St, next to the Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre. Review the Boston Campus map and select the "Public Parking Garage".

Boston Campus Map:

Current Students

Parking spaces are available for all Tufts students at the Traveler's Lot. Parking stickers are required to be used in the Tufts Medical Center parking facilities. They are available at no charge upon presentation of your student I.D. and car registration to the Parking Office.

Rate: Monday - Friday - $4.75 per day payable by coupon only. Cash will not be accepted.

Coupons: Coupons are available for purchase in the Parking Office, 274 Tremont Street and at the Bursar's Office, 200 Harrison Avenue for $23.75 per book containing 5 coupons (limit 4 books at a time).

Weekends: All students may park in the Tremont Street Garage for $4.75 per weekend day (payable with a coupon or cash).

Parking Regulations for Tufts University Students

Parking is permitted only with a currently valid Tufts Medical Center parking sticker. Vehicle registration to prove ownership and Tufts identification card must both be presented to the Parking Office in order to obtain a sticker for one car per school year. No in and out parking is allowed on the same parking ticket. If you do have occasion to leave the garage, a new ticket must be used on re-entry. Parking stickers are not transferable. Anyone who uses a lost, stolen or fraudulent sticker will be subject to loss of parking privileges. Questions regarding parking should be directed to the Parking Office, (617) 636-5580.

Contact the Health Sciences Bursar Office:

Boston-based Health Science School students (Medical, Dental, and Nutrition Schools and Public Health Professional Degree programs) are eligible to purchase an MBTA semester pass or monthly pass at a 25% discount over regular “T” prices. Each student is entitled to one pass only. In some circumstances, students may also be able to purchase discounted Monthly MBTA passes.

Tuition rates depend on the program(s) you are taking. Review our latest Tuition Rates and Fees.

Various types of financial assistance are available. You can apply for Federal Finacial Aid and the Friedman School offers stipends, research assistantships, teaching assistantships and scholarships. Please visit these pages under the Financing section for more details.

Various types of financial assistance are available. You can apply for Federal Finacial Aid and the Friedman School offers stipends, research assistantships, teaching assistantships and scholarships. Please visit these pages under the Finacing section for more details.

The term Scholarship refers to funds provided by the Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy to our graduate students that are used to reduce tuition costs or assist you in defraying some of your living expenses. In most cases, such scholarships are funds put aside from the School's operating budget. In some cases, we have obtained scholarship funds from specific donors. If you are provided with this latter form of scholarship, we do require that you maintain the appropriate level of contact with the donor. These funds are distributed directly to your Student Account. We issue a credit to your student account. In the event the total funds awarded to you (including scholarship and Federal Financial Aid) exceed the amount you owe to the University, you may elect to withdraw the balance by completing a Refund Form that can be obtained at the Tufts University Office of Financial Aid at Dowling Hall on the Medford Campus.

Students may request changes in their schedule during the drop/add period (see the academic calendar) by using the Change of Schedule Form (formerly "Add/Drop Form").

Note: Students must inform the Host Registrar of schedule changes for cross-registered courses.

  1. Complete a Change of Schedule Form. The form is available at
    • Student Computer Room, 1st floor, Jaharis Center for Biomedical and Nutrition Research, 150 Harrison Avenue, Boston Campus
    • Dowling Hall, Student Services Desk, Medford Campus
  2. Obtain signatures from the following:
    • Course instructor
    • Academic advisor
    • (after add/drop deadline) Dean for Academic Affairs
  3. Submit completed form to
    Student Services Desk
    Dowling Hall, Tufts University
    Medford, MA 02155

Any student unable to register during Open Registration must make arrangements prior to the registration deadline. Any student who does not register on time or make appropriate arrangements, will be charged a non-refundable, $200 late-registration fee.

A Directed Study Proposal form must be completed and submitted during the semester registration period.

The Directed Study Proposal Form requires the following:

  1. Complete a Directed Study Proposal Form with the faculty sponsor. The Directed Study Proposal Form is available online at Student Services: Forms.
  2. Obtain signatures from:
    •           Faculty sponsor (FSNSP faculty member who is supervising and grading the directed study)
    •           FSNSP Dean for Academic Affairs (Patrick Webb)
  3. 3. Once the Dean for Academic Affairs has approved the directed study, the FSNSP will notify the University registrar at Dowling Hall and you will be registered for the directed study.

No, students can not officially audit courses (i.e. they will not appear on your transcript) but can sit in any course with the permission of the instructor.

Log into iSIS Online and click on "Academic Records", then "Transcript Request"

  • Full-Time = 3 or more credits per semester
  • Half-Time = 2 or 2.5 credits per semester
  • Part-Time = under 2 credits per semester (Note: You will not be eligible for loan assistance if your status is part-time in SIS)

You should follow the Friedman add/drop deadlines; of course, the earlier you can add or drop a course, the better.  View the Academic Calendar for add/drop deadlines.

Only courses offered by the School of Medicine's MPH program are free for incoming and current Friedman students during the summer; please note that class enrollment is limited. Contact the MPH registrar to make sure there is space available. If space is available in the course, submit a cross-registration form with the requested signatures (same process as during the academic year).

Office of Student Affairs, Assistant Director of Registration and Student Data, Jaharis #122, Boston Campus

Obtain signatures from:

  • Course Instructor
  • Host Registrar
  • Assistant Director of Registration and Student Data, Jaharis #122

Up to 4 courses can be used to fulfill Friedman academic requirements; this limit does not apply students in combined degree programs or in the Nutrition Communication program.

No, you can only cross-register at the Boston Consortium Schools but you can take classes at Harvard and MIT by registering directly through them.

The following are Boston Consortium schools:

  1. Boston College
  2. Boston University
  3. Brandeis University
  4. New England Conservatory of Music
  5. The Fletcher School
  6. Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences
  7. Tufts University (Arts & Sciences)

No, cross-registering allows students to register for courses at any Boston Consortium School for free during the fall and spring semesters.