Ouattara Friedman Profile Image

Kassoum Ouattara

Student, Master of Humanitarian Assistance
Why did I decide to apply for the Master of Arts in Humanitarian Assistance? My ten-years of experience in emergency relief gave me the opportunity to serve disaster affected people in my country as well as other African countries and Haiti.
Parker Friedman Profile Image

John Parker

MS/MALD Student, Agriculture, Food and Environment Program
This past fall, I had the opportunity to carry out research with Friedman Professors Dan Maxwell, Will Masters, Peter Walker and Patrick Webb for a scoping study on climate change and food security that helped inform the research strategy on climate change for the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research.
Albrecht Friedman Profile Image

Kiley Albrecht

MS candidate, Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition
As a new graduate student, the first thing I noticed was the unmatched support, understanding, and hospitality of the faculty and staff. I was given the invaluable opportunity to work as Dr. Diane McKay's teaching assistant in Fundamentals of Nutrition Science. As an aspiring professor, I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable and encouraging mentor.
VanWassenhove Friedman Profile Image

Joan VanWassenhove

MIA/MPH Doctoral Student, Food Policy and Applied Nutrition
It is easy to feel overwhelmed in any program of graduate study, but I have not felt lost here at Friedman, in large part thanks to a having a wonderful advisor and knowing that professors are always generous with their time and are incredibly responsive to students’ questions and concerns.
Mikulasova Friedman Profile Image

Petra Mikulasova

Student, Master of Humanitarian Assistance
I realized that in order to serve those in need better I needed theoretical and academic support to compliment and put in perspective my practical experience. Humanitarian assistance is a profession and the Friedman School and Feinstein International Center at Tufts University understand that.
Morgan Friedman Profile Image

Emily Morgan

MS/MPH Student, Agriculture, Food & Environment Program
I spent my internship in Rome working for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations developing a network of research centers around the world to advance and strengthen the study of organic agriculture.