The Friedman School offers individuals the option to register for single course(s) or even completing a Certificate Program. In many cases, these offer a chance to sample a program of study, or supplement existing knowledge, without committing to a full program.

For Current Clinicians (MD, DVM/VMD, RD, RN)

Currently the Friedman School of Nutrition does not offer a clinical nutrition program for non-clinicians.

If you are a clinician with a professional credential (recent examples include MD, DVM, RD, and RN), and are interested in entering a graduate degree program that provides a strong biological science training in nutrition, we encourage you to apply for the Biochemistry and Molecular Nutrition Program. Available research opportunities through this program are in basic science, animal and human studies. There are few funded research opportunities within the Friedman School of Nutrition that utilize patient populations.

If you are a clinician and are interested in a nutrition fellowship, please contact Joel Mason, M.D., regarding the NIH-funded clinical nutrition training grant that provides successful candidates with access to the Friedman School of Nutrition courses and research opport