NUTR 202-ONL: Principles of Nutrition Science - Online Only


This course presents the fundamental scientific principles of human nutrition. Students will become familiar with food sources; recommended intake levels; biochemical role; mode of absorption, transport, excretion; deficiency/toxicity symptoms, and potential major public health problems for each macro- and micronutrient. The student goals for this course are: 1.) to describe the components of a healthy diet, 2.) understand the major nutrition problems that affect individuals and populations from conception and throughout the life cycle, and 3.) understand the scientific basis for nutritional recommendations brought before the scientific and lay communities. Prerequisites: Students are required to have taken a one semester college-level course in either human biology, chemistry, or physiology (preferred).

Course Syllabus and Course Calendar

Students are not required to attend classes, but must have access to a reliable computer and Internet connection to download prerecorded lectures and course materials.

To register for this class, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at (617) 636-3777.

Summer (14 weeks)