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Since 1981, the Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University has been dedicated to improving the nutritional well-being of people worldwide. Faculty at the school include biomedical scientists, economists, epidemiologists, nutritionists, physicians, political scientists and psychologists who focus on a myriad of issues with the common thread of nutrition and its role in fostering the growth and development of human populations.

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Friedman Seminar with Ellen Parker
Upcoming Friedman Seminar

The Friedman Seminar Series runs during the Spring and Fall semesters and brings expert speakers from all areas of the complex intersection of nutrition science and policy. In addition to being live streamed during the event, they are archived each week on iTunes University and Vimeo for convenient viewing. Browse the archives and learn more about the series.

Downward Trend in Global Diet Quality
Downward Trend in Global Diet Quality

In a first-of-its-kind analysis of worldwide dietary patterns, a team including researchers from the Friedman School found overall diet quality worsened across the world even as consumption of healthier foods increased in many countries. Results were published in the March issue of The Lancet Global Health. “These new findings can be used to inform policies and prevention efforts aimed at improving dietary patterns to reduce these burdens.” says Dariush Mozaffarian. Read more at Tufts Now.

Tufts Health and Nutrition Newsletter Illustration
The Latest News in Nutrition

The Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter provides its readers with honest, reliable, scientifically authoritative health and nutrition advice that can provide direct and often immediate effects on their health. The content of our newsletter is based substantially from the research and expertise of Friedman School faculty from the areas of clinical nutrition, social and public policy, and bio-medicine.  

Student Research Conference
Students Helm Research Conference

The Future of Food and Nutrition Student Research Conference is a unique venue for graduate students and professionals to submit and present original research relating to the food system and/or nutrition science. Last year, attendees joined us from all over the country to hear students from 30 universities present research from fields as diverse as anthropology and nutritional epidemiology. Register now

Feinstein International Center
Spotlight: Feinstein International Center

Ongoing research at The Feinstein International Center is focused on understanding the nutrition and food security needs of people affected by acute crises. Students in the The Master of Arts in Humanitarian Assistance (MAHA) program play active roles in the politics and policy of aiding the vulnerable; from protection and rights in crisis situations, to the rehabilitation of livelihood systems affected by disaster.

Friedman Profiles

Mikulasova Friedman Profile Image
Petra Mikulasova
I realized that in order to serve those in need better I needed theoretical and academic support to compliment and put in perspective my practical experience. Humanitarian assistance is a profession and the Friedman School and Feinstein International Center at Tufts University understand that.