• <h3>Dedicated Faculty.</h3>
<p>Our faculty makes the difference. Leaders in their fields, Friedman faculty work on <a class="link" href="research/shapeup-somerville">combating childhood obesity</a>, leading international partners in <a class="link" href="research/nutrition-crsp">improving nutrition for women and children</a>, and recommending solutions to <a class="link" href="research/food-aid-quality">food aid</a> in developing countries.</p>
  • <h3>Leaders In Obesity Intervention and Prevention</h3>
<p>Friedman is addressing the complex issues of childhood obesity. <a class="link" href="http://www.childobesity180.org/" target="_blank">ChildObesity180</a> --a team comprised of Friedman faculty and staff plus senior leaders in government, academia, private sector and non-profits &ndash; takes a multifaceted approach to solutions. <a class="link" href="http://nutrition.tufts.edu/student/campus-life/student-orgs">Student organizations</a> like Jumbo&rsquo;s Kitchen give students opportunities to affect the well being of children and gain real world experience.</p>
  • <h3>Outside the Classroom.</h3>
<p>Who says class has to be in a classroom? The school&rsquo;s <a class="link" href="academics/degree-programs">degree programs</a> prepare graduates for careers in research, NGOs, government, industry, clinical practice and more. With twelve masters and doctoral programs plus <a class="link" href="academics/combined-degrees">combined degrees</a> and <a class="link" href="academics/certificate-programs">certificate programs</a>, the school offers multiple avenues advancing nutritional well-being.</p>

Friedman Profiles

Mikulasova Friedman Profile Image
Petra Mikulasova
I realized that in order to serve those in need better I needed theoretical and academic support to compliment and put in perspective my practical experience. Humanitarian assistance is a profession and the Friedman School and Feinstein International Center at Tufts University understand that.